We’ve Worked with the Best Dog Trainers in the World and We’re Passing it On!

There is a reason our dogs are often purchased by the celebrities and commonly chosen to star in hit movies – we simply breed some of the most well-mannered pups around! Of course, in addition to being born with the naturally sweet temperament of their parents, we have also had the opportunity to work with some of the greatest dog trainers in the world and, as a result, we’ve learned a few things that have directly impacted our breeding programs.

Yes, as we may have talked about before, we have been lucky enough to work with top-tiered dog trainers such as Cesar Millan and, in working with him, we’ve learned some tips and tricks that we’d like to pass along.

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The Pack Mentality:

First and foremost we fully subscribe to Cesar Millan’s philosophies of The Pack Mentality. We frequently attend his seminars and recommend his books and DVDs because we have found that training under the principles of his “pack mentality” will yield some of the most obedient dogs in the world.

Understand the Pack:

People often make the mistake of treating their dog like a human when, in fact, it’s better to remind the dog of its innate desire to follow a pack leader. Of course, your position of leader is not a given, it is earned through constant, calm, confident and assertive behaviors.

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Body Language & Energy:

Another of the highlights that we’ve embraced from working with Cesar Millan is how to vocalize to people the different ways to communicate with their pups and, more importantly, the importance of body language. It is important to realize that dogs sense our energy before we even notice it ourselves and, by wielding our energy this way or that, we can then evoke different reactions and behaviors from our dogs. Ultimately, a dog will respond to your calm, assertive energy by balancing it with a calm, submissive state.

Further, a true pack leader does not project emotional or nervous energy. By setting stern rules, boundaries and limitations and holding to them in calm, assertive ways, your dog will respect you as the definitive leader.

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Discipline vs Affection:

Perhaps our favorite bit of advice from Cesar Millan, we just love the tip to “exercise discipline … then affection.” As much as we love our dogs and hate to discipline them, it is important, within the pack mentality, to reprimand the animals for any wrongdoing but then, make no mistake about it, show positive reinforcement! Much like with humans and the popular sentiment that one should offer “two compliments for every criticism,” dogs respond to the same flattery – exercise discipline … then show plenty of affection!

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Although each and every dog is different and inevitably requires customized training, we have been so honored to work with Cesar Millan in the past and we believe that following the basic principles above (with customized tweaks here and there) is the key to well-mannered dogs with a mellow temperament that will serve you both quite well.

Celebrities and Their Golden Meadows Retriever Pets

It’s an undeniable phenomenon: people love celebrities and people love pets. That said, we thought it would be fun to combine the best of both worlds and highlight a few of the different celebrities that we’ve worked with in the past, helping to pair them with our elite Golden Retrievers as life long companions.

1. Pete Wentz & Meagan Camper:

From the popular band Fall Out Boy, Pete Wentz and his model girlfriend, Meagan Camper, purchased one of our Vizsla boys named Bear. We’re proud to say they came to Golden Meadows Retrievers in search of a new furry family member and left with a Vizsla puppy that they just love!


2. John Mayer:

Because John Mayer is constantly on the road, touring the world and playing his music for thousands, he doesn’t really live a lifestyle that’s conducive to owning a dog. However, we are proud to say that John came to us and bought one of our Golden Retrievers for his mother, so that she’d have a companion while her famous son was away.

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3. Pamela Anderson:

Despite building a career on her undeniable sex appeal, Pamela Anderson is a big-hearted dog lover and we were honored to work with her, pairing her with a wonderful puppy Retriever that has a heart just as big.

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4. Seth Casteel:

You’ve seen his photography everywhere! With over 150 million views online, Seth Casteel has created a viral photo gallery that simply features playful dogs (and their expressions) as they’re under water. Now a published picture book called Underwater Dogs, Seth has included two of our Golden Retrievers in his book and has taken countless photos of both our Goldens and our Vizslas.

“I love the puppies at Golden Meadows! They are always smiling for the camera!” -Seth Casteel
seth-casteel seth-dognose seth-swimming

5. Marine Cpl Nick Kimmel:

Perhaps one of our most rewarding pairings was when we paired our prized pup, Rush, with Marine Cpl Nick Kimmel – a triple amputee. Yes, unfortunately, Nick lost an arm and both legs when an IED detonated near him while he was on duty in Afghanistan but, fortunately, we were able to make the connection between the honored man and his new best friend. They’ll have a long beautiful life together!


We’ve worked with many celebrities across the years but we always aim to protect their privacy. That said, each of the celebrities listed above have given us their approval to share this information and we’re so honored to have helped these fine people find our fine pets.

The True Cost of Owning a Dog

When you are purchasing a dog for a family pet there are a lot of pros and cons to consider. If the price is something you are putting a lot of weight into then this infographic should really help. The true cost of owning a dog can be difficult to reach given all the considerations including: purchase price, food, vet, grooming, toys, etc. However, we have done our best to break this all down for you so you can really see what dog ownership might cost. At the end of all though, who can really put a price on man’s best friend? We hope you enjoy Golden Meadows Retrievers True Cost of Dog Ownership Infographic below:

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The True Cost of Dog Ownership by Golden Meadows Retrievers
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Our Golden Meadow Retrievers in the Movies

Across the years, our very special Golden Meadows Retrievers have earned the reputation of being the best in the country. Between their sweet demeanors, their intelligence and their good behavior, they are an absolute dream to work with … and, as a result, Hollywood comes to us when they need movie star dogs. Yes, as you can see below, we’re proud to say that our Golden Retrievers have been featured on many big screens.

1. Parenthood (TV Series):

Everyone is talking about the new television series Parenthood and we like to think it’s because of our exceptional dogs. Featured on the “Left Field” episode, our dogs lit up the TV screen with their lovability.

Golden Meadows Retrievers in Parenthood
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2. 21st Century Car Insurance Commercial:

We were extremely excited when 21st Century Car Insurance came to us asking if they could use our dogs for one of their most recent commercials. Because we’ve seen our Retrievers in movies, magazines and TV shows, it was something unique to see them in a national commercial.

3. Santa Paws I & II:

Not only were our dogs featured in Disney’s original Santa Paws (2010) but they did so well in their roles that they were invited back to be in the hit sequel, Santa Paws II (2012). These were some of their more extensive roles so we were very proud of their “A-list” performances.

4. Conan Show:

Making their debut on late night TV, our dogs were part of a bit on the hilarious Conan O’Brien Show! In preparation for the Puppy Bowl (Superbowl alternate), they did a short reenactment of Puppy Conan, using our adorable puppies as the stars.


5. Space Buddies:

Leaving their earthly duties behind, our Golden Retrievers had a lot of fun on their trip to space. Okay, they didn’t actually travel to space but they were most definitely the stars in Disney’s 2009 video, Space Buddies.


6. Santa Buddies:

Already well-versed in spreading the Christmas spirit (from their time spent on the set of Santa Paws I & II), our cute pups took their holiday cheer to the screen in Santa Buddies (2009). They had too much fun with this project!


7. Abercrombie & Fitch:

Aside from our puppies shining on the big screen, they’ve also been featured in a number of high profile photo shoots. Yes, having been seen on multiple magazine covers and being featured in celebrity shoots with world-class dog trainer, Caesar Milan, even Abercrombie & Fitch wanted to include our pups within one of their catalog shoots!


8. House:

When the hit TV show House was filming in our hometown of Moorpark, CA (at the same time we were taking the pups on a field trip to town), we walked onto the set with one of our pups and heads turned. Sure, while our puppies may not be a good fit for the show’s sterile hospital set, as you can see, Hugh Laurie (the star of the show) was absolutely smitten.


Obviously, we’re pretty proud of our Golden Retriever puppies but, based on the resume above, it’s safe to say that we’re extra proud to know that they’re being noticed by Hollywood and other major fashion and entertainment outlets.

Professionally Trained Golden Retrievers

Trained Golden Retrievers | Golden Meadows Retrievers

Puppy training is never an easy task, but having a highly intelligent dog that is prone to pleasing their trainers will make the job almost seamless. Golden Retrievers fit this description perfectly. They are a clever and happy breed of dog that can adapt quickly to nearly any type of living environment. A non-aggressive breed, retrievers are great with children, people and other dogs. They are also loyal, reliable, and trustworthy. Having this many positive qualities makes them quick learners as well. Trained Golden Retrievers can be part of a household or a hunting companion. Their adaptability and affability means that they also make ideal candidates for assistance dogs and an integral part of search and rescue teams.

When considering a trained Golden Retriever, the first thing to decide is exactly who will do the training. New owners can attempt to complete training themselves or they can go to a professional dog trainer. While training your puppy on your own might seem like an inexpensive solution, there are benefits to using a professional.  A professional trainer will be able to see potential problem areas in behavior and stop them before it is too late. Trainers take the time to learn about new teaching methods and they are aware of the personality traits of individual breeds. Training will take less time as a highly qualified professional will know the quickest way to get the most effective results. Golden Retrievers are already very social animals and when trained will be able to interact with other people and animals without worry of an attack. In fact, insurance companies feel that dogs that are trained professionally have better socialization skills and will offer a discount on insurance because of it.

The investment in getting a trained Golden Retriever will be worth it. Misbehaving dogs can be aggravating, embarrassing, and sometimes even dangerous. A dog who is trained will avoid these issues and your relationship with your pet will be happy and healthy.

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Golden Meadows Retrievers are Well-mannered Friends

Golden Meadows is a dog breeding facility located in Central Ventura County in Southern California. They specialize in breeding Golden Retriever and Vizsla puppies. Golden Meadows is a family run business that has been in existence for over twenty years. Positive customer experiences and raving reviews are a common reoccurrence for this company.

Golden Meadows Retrievers

Golden Meadows Retrievers are part of a breeding program that is noted for excellence. Only pure-bred dogs with outstanding pedigrees make it into the stud program. Furthermore, the stud dogs must have sweet dispositions and handsome qualities. Golden Meadows holds the dogs in their breeding program to strict standards and all must meet health requirements. They come with a two-year healthy dog guarantee, insuring against genetic defects of the hip, heart, and eye. The owners of this establishment chose Golden Retrievers as they are known for their intelligence and excellent temperaments.

Training puppies before they leave for their forever homes is one option that Golden Meadows offers. The facility hires top professionals to work with their puppies. They begin training at just four weeks old where they learn to respond to whistles, snaps, or claps. At six weeks, the puppies learn to walk on a leash and begin to learn basic commands such as stay or sit. By twelve weeks, the pups will know most of the skills necessary for them to be sweet and well-mannered dogs, including: waiting at the door, being housebroken, and knowing not to chew, dig, bark, or bite.

Owning a puppy is a big responsibility, but having these training practices already in place will cause less disruption in the new home.  Even with training, Golden Retrievers need to live an active life with a lot of socialization. They are fun-loving dogs with energetic personalities. Helping them relieve some of that energy through play, long walks, and copious amounts of outdoor time will keep the new puppy and their owner happier and healthier.

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Golden Meadows Kennels, Excellence in Dog Breeding and Training

Golden Meadows Kennels | Golden Meadows Retrievers

The Golden Meadows Kennels are a family run dog breeding and training facility located in Southern California. They specialize in the Golden Retriever and Vizsla breeds and have been in business for over twenty years. The business is a member of both the Owner Handler Association of America (OHA) and the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP) and they are certified by the American Kennel Club (AKC).  Their well-kept facilities include: large training yards; spacious holding pens; large, open yards for puppies to run and play: custom built training centers, grooming rooms, and nurseries. Generosity abounds at these facilities as owners and the employees participate in charitable drives. One of their beautiful trained Golden Retriever dogs was recently donated to K-9 Ministries, a program that reaches out to victims of disaster relief. They also have a long history of working with special needs children.

The owners and employees of Golden Meadows follow two schools of thought when training their puppies. The Rule of 7, adapted from Dr. Carmen Battaglia, is one of the two methods they use. The Rule of 7, involves gradually increasing a puppy to seven different things, like surfaces, objects, locations, people, challenges, and containers. The thought behind this system is that a puppy will gradually get used to different environments without over-stressing them. This will help develop their confidence and social behaviors, which in turn makes them easier to train. The other method of training, that the center recently adopted, is the Von Falconer Way. Similar to the Rule of 7, the Von Falconer Way, established by Eric Von Falconer, involves introducing puppies to new environments and toys gradually beginning at three weeks of age. As time goes on, the puppy is exposed to more and more things until at the end of the program, they are fully trained.

Golden Meadows Kennels receives rave reviews from customers for their dedication to producing loving, well-mannered and affectionate dogs that fit seamlessly into families and new environments.

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